Before Connecting

Before connecting to channels:

Step 1: Create all your properties.

Step 2: Add all your non-Airbnb and future bookings (we will import the ones from Airbnb and that already exist for the future).

Step 3: Temporarily turn off the Booking Confirmation Steps email trigger from the Guest Notification Index until all your existing bookings have imported from Airbnb and Remember to turn it back on once done.

Step 4: Make sure to follow the sequence of connections if you use Airbnb and, or you WILL get double bookings!

Step 5: You’re now ready to connect any other channels that you want to use. If Zeevou does not have an API integration with them, please follow the import and export iCal instructions.

NOTE: After connecting a channel, always make sure to go into the calendar on the channel and check that your rates and availability are pushing across as expected.

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