9. Automated Messages

Automated Messages can be Booking Based (shown in purple) or Event Based (shown in green) depending on the type of message created. 

Creating an Automated Message 

Step 1: Log into app.Zeevou.com. Click on the gear icon on the right. A window pops up in which you can click on Automated Messages and then click on New Automated Message +.

Automated messages on the gear icon - Zeevou

Step 2: Pick a name for your message and click on Add.

Pick a name for your automate messages - Zeevou

Step 3: To create an automated message, you should set the following criteria:

  1. When

Your message will be Booking Based if you choose Based on Booking’s Timeline. And, it will be Event Based if you choose Right after all conditions have been met.

Note: For your automated message to be sent during specific hours, you can click on Set a Time Frame and define the Start Time and End Time of your choice. Finally, click on Set.

for automated message to be sent during specific hours, click on Set a Time Frame - Zeevou


2. Condition

In order for an automated message to be sent for any booking, it must match all of the conditions you set. Click on Add a Condition + to choose the categories (Booking, Property, and/or Guest) relevant to your automated message and the conditions required to trigger it. Once done, click on Add.

Note 1: You may add more than one condition in more than one category.

Add a Condition + to choose the categories (Booking, Property, and/or Guest) - Zeevou

Note 2: When you add a condition from a category, you can configure it to specify your condition further. For example, if you add Booking Status from the Booking category, you can choose from the list of statuses offered, as shown in the following screenshot:

Selecting booking status from booking category - Zeevou
Condition trigger for automated message setup - Zeevou

Note 3: When you want to extend or split your bookings and send an Automated Message for these, you can consider adding Extend or Split Booking in your Conditions. To do so, select the related conditions by ticking their boxes and click on Add.

Expand or split booking in your conditions - Zeevou

Note 4:  When you click on each message, it becomes editable. There, you can click on Change History to view change(s).

     3. Messages

You can decide “How should this message be sent?” by opening the drop-down menu and choosing from Email, SMS, or API Message. You may add the equivalent of your message template in other languages by clicking on Add + in front of English. When you write your message, you can Preview it. The message is in the Plain Text format by default, but you can Switch to HTML to have a Header and Footer.

How Should this message be Sent - Zeevou

Note 1: You can click on the tick sign in order to send a test email to yourself to see the result.

You can also click on the preview to select a Booking to see how the message will be applied in real and click on Save.

Note 2: You can also Add Attachment or Add Another Message.

Add attachment or add another message - Zeevou

Note 3: In general, Arrival/Departure variables refer to the arrival date of the first booking and the departure date of the last booking. So, if you would like to point to the specific Arrival/Departure date of the segments of Extend or Split bookings, you can select other variables.

To do so, you can either search the variables by typing @ followed by the keyword of the variable and select it or click on the Variables dropdown and find the variable under its corresponding category. The variables can be Segment Start Date, Segment End Date, Segment Start Time, Segment End Time, and Segment No. of Nights for the Extended or Split bookings.

The variables under its corresponding category - Zeevou
Variables - Zeevou

Step 4: Save and Close. Then, a window pops up to either Activate the message or Save as Inactive.

Send Booking Automated Message - Zeevou

Note 1: If you tick the box in the pop-up, this message will also apply to Pre-existing Bookings.

Note 2: When you click on Activate, your created message will appear in the list of Automated Messages. You can make the created message Inactive by sliding the toggle to left in the top right corner.

Send Event Based Automated Message - Zeevou

Note 3: If you hover over any of the created messages you can add it to Favorite by clicking on the star icon, or Clone it by clicking on the icons next to the Star icon. You may delete your message by clicking on the trash bin icon.

Note 3.1: If your message which is added to Favorite by clicking on the star icon is archived, it won’t appear when you land on Automated messages.

Note 3.2: You can only delete the message that has not been previously used. If it is used before, it can be archived.

Delete and archive option for messages - Zeevou


Note 4: The set emails may fail to be sent due to some reasons such as: 

  • The email address is spelt or formatted incorrectly.
  • The owner has removed the email. 
  • The email is set to be sent at a definite time. 
  • The system or internet has a problem in sending.


Search, Settings, and Filtering

If you click on the Search icon in the top right corner, a window pops up in which you can search by Subject or Automated name.

Search, Settings, and Filtering - Zeevou

If you click on the Settings icon, a window opens and you can make changes in Message Language, Reply to Email Address, Email Signature, OTA Autoresponder, and Check-in Type Instructions.

New automated message on the setting icon - Zeevou

1. Message Language

You can set your guest country and your desired language in your automated message template. If your desired language does not exist, the default language (English) will be overridden.

Message language - Zeevou

2. Reply to Email Address

You can set the Sender Name that you would like your recipient(s) to see and the Email Address where you would like replies to go to. Finally, Save.

Reply to email address - Zeevou

3. Email Signature

You can also set your Email Signature for your Brand(s), and Save it.

Email signature - Zeevou

4. OTA Autoresponder

In the Automated Messages gear sign, if you click on OTA Autoresponder, you can set Autoresponder details per Brand.

OTA Autoresponder - Zeevou

A pop-up appears in which you can select a Brand to Apply changes from the drop-down menu and click on Proceed.

For the OTA Autoresponder, you have two options: one for Pre-booking Enquiries and one for Guest Messages. 

If Pre-Booking Enquiries is Activated, the message will be sent in response to the first message received pre-booking. 

If Guest Messages is Activated, the message will be sent in response to the first message received that is associated with a booking.

You can choose whether you would like the autoresponder message to be sent Immediately or on a Custom basis. If you select Custom, you should select the Start Time, End Time,  and Time Zone. You may prefer to write a general text or use variables in the content of your autoresponder message.

Finally, click on Save and the activated autoresponder will start sending replies to the OTA messages. 

Activated autoresponder will start sending replies - Zeevou
OTA Autoresponder activation - Zeevou



You can filter the automated messages by clicking on the Filtering icon next to the Settings Sign. Then, a window pops up in which you may select your desired variables and finally click on Show Results. You can also click on Clear Filters to start a new filter.

Filter automated messages - Zeevou

Check-in Type Instructions

When you click on Check-in Type activated autoresponder will start sending replies to the OTA messages. e Instruction, a box opens in which, per check-in type, some check-in and check-out instructions are provided by default. You can change them if you wish. Some related variables are available you may prefer to use. Finally, click on Save.

Check-in Type Instructions - Zeevou

Watch this tutorial video on how to create a single Automated Message to send out to guests through Email, SMS, or API:

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