2. a) Import Listings from Airbnb

You can import listings from Airbnb directly instead of creating them manually. To do so, click on Add a Listing and  select the Import Airbnb Listings button on the top right corner. Then, a window will open for you to paste the Airbnb URL/ID. Then, click on Import.

Next, a wizard tab will appear. Although each listing will be imported automatically, you will be able to review and edit them, and fill out the fields already there step by step through the wizard.

Note: If Optional is displayed in front of any of the fields in each step, it will not be necessary to fill them out and your listing can be created independently of these.

Step 1: Location

As City, County/State and Country fields are imported, you should just enter your listing’s Address and Postal Code.

Activate a draft Listing/Zeevou

Note 1: If you insert wrong information, an alarm will pop up.

Step 1 / confirm the pin location

Note 2: If you do not tick the Do you confirm the pin location? checkbox, you will not be allowed to go to the Next step.

import listings from Airbnb

Step 2: Listing Info

As only check-in type is imported, you should insert your listing’s basic information, including Listing Type (Optional), Unit Type Category, Internal Name (with character limit ), Check-in Type (as many as you wish) and the number of units. Then, click on Next.

Step 2: Listing Info

Step 3: Marketing Info

You can edit the imported Marketing Headline and its Description (Optional) or insert the new information which will be used to populate your Direct Booking Website. Then, click on Next.

Step 3: Marketing Info

Step 4: Listing Images

You can not only review the imported images and their captions but also upload more images and captions. When done, click on Next.

Step 4: Listing Images

Note 1: If you click on View/Edit Caption, a window will appear which will allow you to edit the imported caption or add captions for images which don’t have any caption and Save.

Note 2:  When you delete an image for any reasons, the later image will appear on its place.  If you delete all the images that have been imported in the wizard, the property will be saved without image.

Step 4: Listing Images

Step 5: Listing Amenities

Although the amenities are imported from Airbnb, you can manage them by clicking on Add or Remove Amenities on the top right. Then, click on Next.

Step 5: Listing Amenities

Step 6: Pricing 

Note that the first Rate Plan will be created for your Listing containing the information set during this step. So, you should fill out the fields, including the Currency, Weekday Price, Weekend Price, Number of Guests included in price, and Additional fee for extra guests. You can also turn on optional toggles such as Security Deposit, Cleaning Fee, and Pet Fee. You can edit the imported Maximum Capacity. Finally, you can click on either Activate or Save draft and activate Later.

Step 6: Pricing 

You can click on Activate to create your listing if you have sufficient licences. Then, you will be redirected to the landing page with the Listing Successfully Created message displayed on top right. The created listing will appear under the Published.

Or, you can click on Save draft and activate later and the listing will be saved and displayed under Drafts until you purchase licences.

Listing Successfully Created / import listings from Airbnb

In order to activate the listing, click on Drafts on the landing page. Select your listing and click on Complete. Then, you will be redirected to the last step you were on.

activate the listing

Once you have filled out the fields, you can click on Activate to create your listing.

click on Activate to create your listing/import listings from Airbnb

Finally, you will see the  Listing Created Successfully  message.


Watch this tutorial video on how to import your listings from Airbnb directly:

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