Why housekeeping tasks were not assigned automatically?

The system assigns cleaning tasks only when all the below conditions are met:
– You have created the staff by clicking on gear icon and selecting Staff Management. On the Staff dashboard, click on Create a New Staff.

– The property is assigned to the staff on the Staff dashboard -> Listing Access card. If you turn on the toggle of Check-in Tasks or Housekeeping Tasks, the staff has access to Check-in Tasks or Housekeeping Tasks. If you disable this feature, any Tasks assigned to this Staff will be automatically unassigned.

On the Staff dashboard, the Automate Task Allocate card is Disabled as default. It means that tasks will no longer be automatically assigned to Staff based on their availability. However, you can still assign Tasks manually in app.zeevou.com.

manage staff account - Zeevou

If you turn its toggle on, it gets Enabled and you can automatically allocate tasks to the Housekeeper. You can also edit Availability Time.

automate task allocations - Zeevou
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