How can I turn off instant booking in Airbnb?

Upon getting mapped to Airbnb, Airbnb does not allow anyone to turn off the instant booking option. However, you do not need to be worried about this issue as we take care of different aspects of it in Zeevou:

– As your availability will be synced in real-time- the chance of getting a double booking is really low.

– Through Zeevou five five-step booking confirmation process, we ask the guests to pre-authorize the deposit and collect their ID. Therefore, you can check the ID and decide whether you want to send your check-in guide email to them or not. This means you do not need to be worried about risky guests.

If you still do not want to receive last-minute bookings, you can change the lead time following the below instructions:

Kindly go to listings, open the particular property and click on Manage Channel. Click Open and click on Map in front of Airbnb. Then click on the pencil to edit. There you can change the lead time.

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