How do automated security deposits in Zeevou work?

If a channel collects security deposits or provides a guarantee for them, the bookings coming from that channel will automatically be marked as “Yes” under Security Deposit in Today’s Check-ins and will show as “Channel” in Booking View. If this is not the case, and if your payment gateway has been set up, the guest will be asked for a security deposit as part of the Booking Confirmation Steps.

  1. If Zeevou processed the payment, and the guest asks to use the same card as they paid with for the security deposit pre-authorisation, Zeevou will attempt to pre-authorise the funds from the guest the day before arrival. Should this fail, the guest will be sent a follow-up link where they can re-enter the same card details or new ones.
  2. If Zeevou did not process the payment (i.e. the booking was Channel Collect), or if the guest asks to use a different card from the payment card in the Booking Confirmation Process, then the day before arrival they will be asked to enter their card details for the security deposit to be pre-authorised

Once a security deposit has been successfully pre-authorised through Zeevou, the Security Deposit field will get toggled to “Yes” in Today’s Check-ins, and it will be displayed in Booking View under Security Deposits. If there are failed attempts, these will also show there. If a security deposit is paid to you directly outside of Zeevou, you can log this in the Booking View by clicking on Finance -> Log Security Deposit.

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