How can I create a recurrent expense?

If you want to have an expense that is recurrent – repeated, create one expense and save it by going to Finance -> Expense -> Create Expense. Then, you can make it recurrent in two ways:

  1. Click on Custom Recurrence. Here you can select how often the expense should be repeated. For example, if it is a daily expense, you can set 1 day.
custom recurrence - Zeevou

You can choose when you want to end the expense. If you choose Never, the expense will be created for the next four years. You can choose the date the expense ends or the number of recurrences.

2. Click on the right three dots and select Recurrence Expense.

choose when you want to end the expense - Zeevou

Then, a window will appear, and you can set the Recurrent Expense as explained above in way 1.

set the Recurrent Expense - Zeevou

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