Task Landing Page Structure

There are four major parts on the Tasks landing page:

  1. Overview

The status panel of Tasks including Not Started, Pending (When you have not changed the task to Completed), In Progress, Completed and Canceled is demonstrated with their numbers when you land on the page.

2. Table of Tasks

Under this panel, you can see the list of Upcoming Tasks for Next 7 Days by default or select the time from the drop-down menu.

Table of Tasks/Zeevou/Upcoming Tasks for Next 7 Days

Note 1: You click on the three dots next to each task to Change Priority, Add Note, Change Assignee, Change Time Frame or View Task.

Note 1.1: If you click on View Task, you are directed to the task page to view Schedule, Note for Housekeeper, and Sleeping Arrangements. You can also Change Status, Assignee, and Time Frame or Add a Note.

Note 2: If the task status is In Progress, Pending, Completed, or Canceled, you can only view the task by clicking on View Task. The other actions are for Not Started status.

upcoming tasks - Zeevou

3.+ Add New Task

You can add more tasks to Upcoming Tasks by clicking on + Add New Task on the top right. Then, a window pops up in which you can select the Property and Unit from the drop-down menus under Location, and Date, Start, Finish, and Estimated Time under Schedule from their respective drop-down menus. You can also select the Priority, and it is also Optional to add a Note for the Housekeepers. Finally, click on Create. The created task will be added to the list of Upcoming Tasks.

 Add new Task - Zeevou
+ Add New Task -Zeevou

4. View All Housekeeping Tasks

When you click on the View All Housekeeping Task, a window will open in which you can view a panel of Tasks. The Upcoming Tasks is the default one and you can select other ones.

view all housekeeping tasks - Zeevou
View All Housekeeping Tasks list - Zeevou

Watch this tutorial video on how to create new Task or a Housekeeping Task:

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