Split a Booking

If you ever need to relocate your guests to a different property for any reason while they are in the midst of their stay, our split feature comes to the rescue. This convenient functionality allows you to seamlessly divide your booking into two separate reservations, all without altering any of the initial booking details, including dates and rates. This ensures a smooth and hassle-free transition for both you and your valued guests.

In order to split a Booking in the Booking View page, click on Booking Actions on the top right and then on Split.

Split a Booking - Zeevou

Or, go to the Details tab and click on Split in the Arrivals and Departures card.

Arrivals and Departure - Zeevou

Then a drawer opens in which you can insert Split Date and Time and specify its Property, Unit Type and Unit. Finally, click on Save.

Note: You cannot split a booking under the following circumstances:

1- If the booking is for 1 night.

2- If the booking status is Cancelled or Scheduled for Cancellation.

3- If your invoice has been Completed. (You can change it to Draft if you want to extend the booking).

4- If your invoice has been sent to Xero. (You can void it if you want to extend the booking).

5- If the booking status is Pending Finalisation or Finalised or Finalisation in Progress.

6- If the booking status is No Show.

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