How to change the rate?

You can change your rate by creating a new one in two ways:

  1. Go to Calendar, click on the Toolbar Box on the top right and select Create a Rate. Then, a window opens in which you can select your rate Nightly, Weekly or Monthly.
Create a Rate in Calendar's Toolbar Box  - Zeevou

For example, if you select Nightly, you will be directed to a new page to insert the information, including the Date, Settings and Apply To for your Nightly Rate. 

For Date, you should click the box of Time Period, and select your desired date from the calendar.

Create Nightly Rate - Zeevou

For Settings, insert the Price, Extra Guest Price per Night, Min and Max Stay. Note that this rate is for Fixed Dates. You can click on Day of the Week on the right to specify your rate for any specific day of the week.

Set Fixed Rates for a Time Period or specify different Rates for each Day of the Week - Zeevou

For Apply To, you can select the Nightly Rate Plans that you wish to define the Rate for. You are supposed to open all the arrows and make sure on which Rate Plan the changes should be applied.

Apply To Option - Zeevou

Finally, click on Save & Close on the top.

  1. Go to Calendar, and switch to Rate & Availability Calendar. Then, drag on your preferred boxes, or double click your desired cell. A pop-up will appear that allows you to change the Price, Min Stay, and Max Stay of the Rate Plan. When you insert the new data, you should click Save to implement the modifications.
 switch to Rate & Availability Calendar - Zeevou

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