Operations of Booking View

Get the most out of your booking view with these operations:

  • Task List
  • Sleeping Arrangements

Under the Operations tab, you can view the Task List in detail including Task Type, Assignee, Time Frame, Estimated Time, Status, and Actions.

Note 1: You can click on the three dots of each task to Change Priority, Add Note, Change Assignee, Change Time Frame, and View Task.

Note 2: You can add a new task to this list by clicking on Create a Task. Then, a window will open in which you can create your desired task.

Create a Task so you can see them in Task List - Zeevou

Sleeping Arrangements

You can set the Bed Configuration at the Unit Type level in Zeevou Hub. Then, you can override each of them in the Booking View under the Operations tab in the Sleeping Arrangements card.

Sleeping Arrangements for Bed Configuration - Zeevou

You can hover on each to add or remove the tick box for Prepared. You can also change the Split to Linked or vice versa.

Sleeping Arrangements - Zeevou

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