Landing Page Icons

There are six icons on the top right of the landing page (Left to Right):

  1. Booking
  2. Raise a Hand
  3. Notifications
  4. Zeevou Support
  5. Settings Icon
  6. Profile
 landing page icons - Zeevou

Booking Icon

When you hover over the Plus icon (+), the Create a Booking name appears.

Create a Booking Icon - Zeevou

If you click on the plus icon (+), a box will open in which you can create a booking.

 plus icon (+), for creating a booking - Zeevou
Get to know our top right landing page icons

Raise a Hand

When you click on the Hand icon, a window will open in which you can view My Hands in two groups: All and Clarification Required. In the opened window, there is also a plus sign to Raise a Hand. You can click on View All Hands to view more hands. 

raise a hand - Zeevou

When you click on the Plus icon, a window will open in which you can put a Subject and Description (Optional), select the Hand Type, and Urgency Level from the drop-down, and Add Attachments ( if there are any). Send Diagnostics is ticked by default, so a screenshot of your browser issue will be attached there (You can untick Send Diagnostics). Finally, click on Save.

add a subject in raise a hand - Zeevou

By clicking on View All Hands, you will be directed to the Hands Dashboard. On the Hands Dashboard, you can Raise a Hand, view the panel of Hands Status and view each hand in a separate page.

view all hands - Zeevou

If you click on the three dots of each hand, you can view the hand page with two cards, General Info and Hand Lines. General Info includes the Subject, Type and the Raised at date. Under Hand Lines, you can follow the hand history. 

by clicking on three dots of each hand view the General Info and Hand Lines cards - Zeevou

If you’d like to reply, you can also click on Reply to proceed. Then, a drawer opens in which you can write a Description or Add an Attachment and finally, click on Send.

write a description for reply hand - Zeevou


Notifications Icon

If you click on the Bell icon, the box of Notifications will open. You can view the recent ones and click on Before That to view older notifications. If you hover over the Settings icon in the box, the Notification Settings box will appear. You can click on that for configuring the settings.

by Clicking on Bell Icon Notifications Will Open - Zeevou

Zeevou Support

When you click on the Question icon, you are redirected to Zeevou Support to find the help articles and FAQs.

 Settings Icon

When you click on the Settings icon, a box will open up for you to configure the settings in the following areas:

  • Confirmation Process
  • Automated Messages
  • Settings
  • Integrations
  • Staff Management
 setting's options - Zeevou

Profile Icon

When you click on the Profile icon, a box will pop up in which you can view your logged-in role. You can also click on your Profile or Account to make changes or Logout.

View Your Logged-in Role by Clicking on Profile Icon - Zeevou

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