Import your Emails

You can import your emails to on the Brand level. 

To do so, go to Brand Settings -> Messaging -> Inbox Integration and click on Generate Forwarding Address. Through this email address, you can forward the emails of your business email address to Zeevou Unified Inbox.

In addition, when guests send messages to you from OTAs, they will be available in Zeevou Inbox (per booking) as well. Thus, you will not need to open different platforms and you will have access to your emails and guests’ messages in one inbox. 

Moreover, if you are too busy to check all the messages yourself, you can give access to your staff under the General Messages card. To do so, click on the pencil of Authorised Recipients to give your staff access to all brand messages that include new messages from your Zeevou domain, forwarded emails and guests’ messages. 

General Messages card to give the staff access to all brand messages - Zeevou

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