Check-in Ready

Check-in Ready concept 

A booking is called Ready to Check-in when all set conditions are met. This means one host may consider a booking Ready to Check-in when Payment and Deposit are Paid and Authorised, while another host may consider a booking Ready to Check-in when Guest Info is Completed, Guest is Verified, and Payment and Deposit are Paid and Authorised. Thus, depending on the host’s setting, the Check-in Ready may differ. Besides that, once one of the set conditions is not met or changed, the Check-in Ready will be affected. 

How to Set Check-in Ready Conditions

In order to set the conditions for Check-in Ready, select the Booking from the left menu and click on Settings. Then, a pop-up will appear in which you can select your Brand from the drop-down menu to apply changes to it and click on Proceed.

check-in ready booking condition set up - Zeevou

Then, a drawer will appear in which you should click on Check-in Ready. You can select your desired conditions and click on Save.

Each Check-in Ready may include five items based on what you have set in the Booking Confirmation Process Settings:

  • Guest Info
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Guest Verification
  • Security Deposit
  • Payment
Check-in Ready - Zeevou
Check-in ready - Zeevou

How Check-in Ready Appears in a Booking

You can see the Check-in Ready both on the Booking page and in the Arrivals list. On the Booking page, under the Overview Tab, Check-in Ready items are shown. You can also go to View Booking List -> Arrivals and view the Check-in Ready status for your Arrivals. 

Once all the selected conditions have been met and completed in the booking, the Check-in status turns to green and will be shown as Ready. The colour of the items appears in red until they are completed.

check-in ready status - Zeevou

If at least one of the items changes to green, the Check-in Ready status is Almost Ready and gets yellow.

the Check-in Ready status is Almost Ready and gets yellow - Zeevou

If any of these steps do not get green for any reason, the check-in status will not be ready and will stay red.

Not Ready yo Check-in - Zeevou

How Check-in Ready Appears in the Booking Calendar

The colours of bookings clarify the Check-in Ready status. Green shows it’s ready, yellow is partially ready, and red is not ready.You can view Check-in Readystatus by hovering over each booking to check which item has not been verified yet. 

check-in ready appearance in the booking calendar - Zeevou

How to Use Check-in Ready for Messages

You can also add Check-in Ready as a condition in Automated Messages. To do so, go to Settings -> Automated Messages, click on New Automated Message or open an already created Automated Message and select the Check-in Ready condition.

Create Automated Message - Zeevou

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