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The bilingual templates feature provides you with an opportunity to send out automated emails to guests based on their nationality. All existing default templates are in English; however, hosts can add other languages to a template themselves. At this stage, German can be added to the templates. In order to have bilingual templates, you need to insert the following in Zeevou Hub:

  1. The country and the language
  2. The field of nationality in the booking confirmation form
  3. The template content

In order to set your desired language, you can do as follows:

Go to Settings -> Organisation -> Organisation Configuration -> Template Language -> Override the default language for the selected countries. 

You can choose your desired country and language and then click on the Add button. Selected countries and languages will be listed. Then, click Save on the right.

This way, the guest with country and language set as German will receive the German templates, and the others will still get the English ones if the below instructions are followed.

Organisation Configuration/Amenity Testing - Zeevou

To require the guest nationality, go to Settings -> Organisation -> Organisation Configuration-> Customise Booking Process -> Configure.

When you click on Configure, a window opens in which you can tick Nationality and is required, and then click Save. Please make sure you also click on the Save button on the top right.

Bilingual Templates- Zeevou

At the same time, you need to add the German translation/content to the templates. To do so, please go to  Inbox -> Templates -> Edit- > Template Data.

Inbox -> Templates -> Edit- > Template Data - Zeevou
Add Language - Zeevou

To make the template editable, you should remove the tick mark of “Use Default Localization“ for the subject and context. Now, you can insert a totally new subject and context in the German language. You can delete the previous subject and context content completely and replace it with the new German one. In case you need help, please raise a hand or contact your Partner Success Manager.

Use Default Localization - Zeevou

When the template has English and German content simultaneously and “Use Default Localization“ is unticked, the guest template will be sent in the German language for the guests whose country and language have already been set as German in Organisation Configuration, and the English guest template will be sent to the other guests.

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