How to create a Team

To do so, click on the gear icon and select Staff Management. Go to the Teams tab and click on More -> + Create a Team. Then, a drawer opens in which you should enter Name and click on Create. Adding Members, setting Avatar, Listing Access, and Internal Note are optional. You can also turn on the toggle of Connect Your Team to Zeevou Unified Inbox to enable your team members to receive and respond to emails sent to your team’s address directly from their Zeevou accounts, maintaining seamless communication through the Zeevou Unified Inbox.

create a new team - Zeevou

For each team, you can View Details, Add Members or click on the three dots to Edit, View Email Forwarding Details, or Delete.

For each team, you can View Details, Add Members - Zeevou

Please note that deleting a Team whose member only has access to a Listing through the Team will also unassign any tasks that they might have for that Listing.

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