How can I view Upsell List?

To do so, go to the Listings Dashboard-> the More arrow and click Upsell List.

View The Upsell List from Listing  Dashboard - Zeevou

On the open page, you can view Upsells or Archived Upsells. You can click on the three dots to Edit or Delete each upsell while you can only view the Archived Upsells.

 View Upsells or Archived Upsells on the Open Page - Zeevou

Note that you can also Create a New Upsell. To do so, click on its box, then a drawer opens in which you enter Label and Marketing Name, select Category, Sales Price, Associated Cost, the associated Unit Type Currency. Expense Type, Description and Add Image are optional. Finally, click on Create.

Create a New Upsell by Clicking on its Box and fill out the form - Zeevou

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