Link to Signable

Step 1: Sign up with Signable (Use this link to sign up and then read through this help article to help you with finding the API key: You will need this in the next step.)

Step 2: Create a Template on Signable by uploading your Terms and Conditions, make a note of the Template Title.

Step 3: Go to Settings -> Organisation Configuration -> select Signable Account.

Link to Signable from Zeevou - Zeevou

Step 4: Scroll down and find the Signable section.

Step 5: Fill the following fields carefully and save them:

  • Name (You can choose any name)
  • Signable Template Title (That should be the exact name you have chosen in Signable)
  • Username (Enter your Signable username)
  • Password (Enter your Signable password)
  • API Key (See instructions above on how to get it)

Step 6:  Choose when you want Signable to send your Terms and Conditions from the drop down.

NOTE: System considers each choice as it should include all its above choices. For example, If you set Signable to be sent After Payment Paid(3), system won’t send it unless the booking confirmation email is sent(1) and guest information is confirmed(2) and payment is paid(3).

Link to Signable from Zeevou - Zeevou

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