Link to PayPal

Step 1: Log into and click on gear sign and select Integrations.

Step 2: Go to Settings->Confirmation Page Settings -> Upsells & Payment tab -> Payment Methods card and enable the toggle the Card and select the Payment Gateway you have already integrated.

Select your payment method by going to upsells & payment tab - Zeevou

Step 3: Register with PayPal by following this link and complete your sign-up process to have a live account.

Step 4: Log in to your PayPal account.

Log in to your PayPal - Zeevou

Step 5: Click on my Apps and Credentials on the dashboard.

 my Apps and Credentials on the dashboard - Zeevou

Step 6: Click on the Live tab on top. Then, click on the Create App button.

Create App in my apps & credentials  - Zeevou

Step 7: Type Zeevou in the box and click on Create App button.

in Create New App add your App name - Zeevou

Step 8: Then in Zeevou , go to Integrations -> Payments and click on PayPal.

 in Zeevou, go to Integrations, Payments and click on PayPal - Zeevou

A window just like the one below opens. Click on Connect to PayPal.

Click on connect to PayPal - Zeevou

Step 9: Then a drawer opens in which you need to fill out three parts to get connected:

Copy the value from the Client ID row, and paste it in the Zeevou in front of the Client ID row. Then, click on the Show button under Secret, and copy the value from the row and paste it in front of Client Secret in Zeevou. For Environment, Type Live. Finally, click on Connect.

Copy the Client ID then Click on Show and copy the Client Secret - Zeevou

Your PayPal should now be connected.

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