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To send notifications via SMS to your guests or staff, you need to integrate ClickSend:

Step 1: Under Integrations -> ClickSend, click on Connect to ClickSend.

Step 2: A drawer opens in which you should enter the Title for your SMS Panel.

Step 3: Make sure you are filling in the next two fields, ClickSend Username & ClickSend API Key, based on your ClickSend details.

Step 4: Add a Name or Phone Number in the From field. Your name shouldn’t be longer than 8 letters in the “From” field. For more information, click here.

Step 5: Add the name of your brand or organisation to the Custom String field.

Step 6: Click on Connect.

connect to ClickSend - Zeevou

Note that when you are connected, you can click on the three dots to Edit, View, or Disconnect your integration.

you can click on the three dots to Edit, View, or Disconnect your integration - Zeevou

To receive SMS replies to our outgoing automated SMS in the Unified Inbox, please log into your ClickSend account, go to Messaging Settings on the top right, and set the following rule in Inbound Rules:

the rule that should be set in order to receive the SMS replies - Zeevou


  • Each SMS Template can contain about 160 characters.
  • SMS is sent to recipients only if their numbers follow this format:
    (+)(Country Code)(Mobile Number)
    Example: +18889990000
  • Please make sure the carriers of the recipient country support alphanumeric sender ID.
  • This setting will lead to SMS replies to Zeevou. So, it is best that you use this Clicksend account only for connection to Zeevou. If not, please make sure that you set a Custom String in Zeevou.

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