How to Connect to (Ctrip) through Zeevou?

Step 1: Please contact Trip Market Manager and request for 2 Way connection (including booking delivery).  The market manager will facilitate the process.

Step 2: Log in to Ctrip. Please enable “OTASWITCH” as channel manager or connectivity provider.

Step 3: In Zeevou, go to Listings -> Properties and open the desired property.

Step 4: Click on Manage Channel.

Step 5: Then a window opens in which click on Select Channel on the upper right corner; then, select

Note: if you are using Safari, the new pop-up window might not open. Please follow the steps mentioned here.

Step 6: Click on the + button. A new window will pop up. Please fill up the information:

1. Channel Hotel ID: Trip Property ID / Hotel ID.
2. XML Username: As provided by OTA.
3. XML Password: As provided by OTA.
4. Select rooms: Select room type(s) to be mapped.
5. Currency: Property currency.
6. Convert Rates: Auto convert property’s default currency to a specific currency for a
7. Rate: Trip supports Room Based pricing.
a. Net Rate – Purely for indicating purposes only. If rates pushed is Net (without
b. Sell Rate – Purely for indicating purposes only. If rates pushed is Gross.
8. Status: Keep as Inactive while mapping. Only change status to ACTIVE once all mapped.
9. Save changes.

Step 7: Click on the Map action on the right.

Step 8: A pop-up screen will appear. follow the instructions:

1. OTA Listing Name: Click on drop-down box > List is pulled from Trip > Select room/ rate to
2. OTA Listing ID: Dynamic/auto-populated.
3. OTA Rate ID: Dynamic/auto-populated.
4. Disable Functions: If required, you can disable availability and/ or rate updates. Generally
used for non-manageable mapping.
(a). Disable Availability: Upon Disable Availability, no inventory and/or rates will be
managed via Su and no updates will be pushed to OTA.
(b). Disable Rates: Upon Disable Rates, only inventory will be managed via Su and only
inventory will be pushed to OTA.
5. PMS Rate Plan: Select applicable rate plan to map (This rate plan is set up in channel
Manageable = All updates are managed via the channel manager
Non-Manageable = All updates disabled. Mapping is usually purely for booking retrieval
6. Breakfast Included: If breakfast is included, checkmark the box.
7. Applicable No of Guest: Trip supports Room Base pricing select the applicable number of
Guest and system will push the rate based on the information.
8. Fixed Min Stay: Channel supports flexible minimum stay (by date range), select No.
9. Save changes.

Step 9: Once the mapping is completed, you need to activate the connection. Click on the Key symbol in the black square on the top right corner. On the pop-up screen that appears, click on the > (arrow) next to Remove and then change the status from Inactive to Active.

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