Step 1: In Zeevou, go to Listings -> Properties and open the desired property.

Step 2: Click on Manage Channel.

Note: If you are working with Safari, the new pop-up window might not open. Please follow the steps mentioned here.

Step 3: Click on Select Channel on the upper right corner; then, select Silverdoorapartments

Finally, click on the + button.

Zeevou Channel Mapping - Zeevou

Step 4: Fill out the fields  which will  pop up as displayed below:

Mapping Guide in Zeevou - Zeevou
  1. Channel Hotel ID: Silverdoor Property ID/Hotel ID
  2. XML Username: Provided by OTA
  3. XML Password: Provided by OTA
  4. Select Rooms: Select room type(s) to be mapped.
  5. Rate: Net Rate – purely for indicating purposes only. If rates are pushed is Net (without commission) Sell Rate – Purely for indicating purposes only. If rates are pushed is Gross 
  6. Status: Keep as Inactive while mapping. Only change status to ACTIVE once mapping is done.
  7. Markdown Tax Percentage: Silverdoorapartments allocates bookings with the total amount inclusive of all taxes. The channel doesn’t pass along any tax value charged for bookings in XML. To calculate tax and pass along values, place the amount of taxes applied on Silverdoorapartments. 

        * If no value is passed, the booking will be passed as received from Channel. 

  1. Save the changes 

Step 5: Click on Map.

On the Select room/ rate to map - Zeevou

Step 6: On the room mapping page, click on Map for the room type you want to map.

 *Note: The room added to be mapped wit the channel will be highlighted/bolded (by room name).

 click on Map for the room type you want to map - Zeevou

Step 7: Fill out the  fields with details of the room type  as follows:

all the fields on channel mapping tab - Zeevou

  1. OTA Listing Name: Click on the drop-down box.  List is pulled from Silverdoors. Select room/ rate to map
  2. OTA Listing ID: Dynamic/auto populate
  3.  OTA Rate ID: Dynamic/auto populate
  4. Disable Functions: If required, you can Disable Availability and/or Rates updates. Generally used for non-manageable mapping (a) Disable Availability: When  the Disable Availability is on, no inventory and/or rates will be managed via Zeevou, and no updates will be pushed to the OTA. (b) Disable Rates: When Disable Rates is on, only inventory will be managed via Zeevou and pushed to the OTA.
  5. PMS Rate Plan: Select the applicable rate plan to map (dis rate plan is set up in the channel manager)

    Manageable = All updates are managed via the channel manager Non-Manageable = All updates disabled. Mapping is usually purely for booking retrieval purposes. 

  6. Applicable No of Guest: Silverdoor supports room-based pricing. Select teh applicable number of guests and the rates in the channel manager will be pushed to teh channel.
  7. Fixed Min Stay: The channel supports flexible min stay (by date range)
  8.  Save the changes.

Step 8: Once mapping is completed, you need to activate the connection. Click on the key symbol on the top right corner of the screen. On the pop-up that appears, click on the > next to Remove, and tan change the status from Inactive to Active.

Activate the connection - Zeevou

Alternatively, go to Listings -> Channel Manager Config -> Open -> Silverdoorapartments, and  click on the key symbol.

Click on Property ID to expand, change the status to Active, and click Save Zeevou

Click on Property ID to expand, change the status to Active, and click Save.

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