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Disconnecting Your Old Channel Manager

Step 1: Log in to Agoda YCS.

Step 2: Contact Agoda Support ([email protected]) to request disconnection from your old channel manager. Make sure to include your Agoda Property ID in the request.

Connecting Agoda to Zeevou

Step 1: Contact Agoda Support by email, phone or by raising a ticket through their support system and ask them to connect all your properties to Zeevou. Make sure to include your Agoda Property ID in the request.

Step 2: Once they confirm that the connection has been initiated, complete the following steps.

Step 3: In Zeevou, go to Listings -> Properties and open the desired property.

Step 4: Click on Manage Channel .

Note: if you are using Safari, the new pop-up window might not open. Please follow the steps mentioned here.

Step 5: Then click on Select Channel on the right, then select Agoda. Finally, click on the + button.

Step 6: Under Channel Hotel ID paste the Agoda Property ID.

Step 7: Under Rate select Sell Rate.

Step 8: Under Status select Inactive.

Step 9: Click on Save.

Step 10: Click on the Map action on the right.

Step 11: From the Select Rate Plan dropdown choose the applicable rate.

Step 12:  A pop-up screen will appear. Under Channel Room Name select your Room Name as set on Agoda.

Step 13: Agoda supports Occupancy Based pricing. Agoda supports 1 person rate, 2 person rate. The 3 person rate is not actually for 3 people, but for your minimum number of guests included in the rate (we know – it doesn’t make any sense!).

Step 14: In the field that contains the number 1, you can increase the rate that is being sent out. For example, to add 15% to the price, change the 1 to 1.15.

Step 15: Under Extra Adult/Child/Bed set your extra guest prices.

Step 16: Click on Save.

Step 17: You should get a confirmation message saying Room Successfully Mapped.

Step 18: After mapping all your room types, click on Channel Mapping on the top right.

Step 19:  Click on the Key symbol in the row of Agoda. On the pop-up screen that appears, click on the > and then change the Status from Inactive to Active.

NOTE: Future bookings for Agoda are not imported automatically. Please create them manually in Zeevou or use the Booking Import Instructions.

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