3. Organisation Configuration

Scroll down on the left purple margin and choose Settings, open Organisation Configuration.

NOTE: If you are creating your second brand click on the Create Brand button on the right.

Once you open the page, you will notice that some boxes are already filled. Please make sure to double-check them.

Make sure that you go through all the steps provided for you to be filled and do not forget to click on Save on the top right of the page when you finish it all.

Here is some more information that might help you fill the boxes more easily:

  • Display email: it is the email that is published on the invoice or the emails. Example: [email protected]
  • Web address: If you already do not have a website and you wish to use the web address that we generate for you, please copy and paste the address that is already written in Zeevou Subdomain in this box. Like: mycompany.zeevou.com
  • Zeevou Subdomain: Choose a subdomain without spaces or capital letters for your website and booking engine to be built on, eg. companyname.zeevou.com.
  • Custom Domain: if you want to use your own custom domain, please read the article about using your own custom domain.
Organisation Configuration- Zeevou hub

NOTE:  Please do not change your subdomain address once you want to go live otherwise the bookings will not come true correctly.

  • Payment gateway: You need to keep in mind that Zeevou does not collect money directly. However, by using a payment gateway you will be assured that your payment and security deposits are collected and held automatically and the chance of chargebacks or fraud will nearly get demolished. Stripe, Sagepay (Opayo), Worldpay, and PayPal are the payment gateways that Zeevou integrates with. You can find more information about each by searching them in our Help Center.
  • GDPR option: it allows you to ask the guests to give you consent for using their information for further marketing purposes.
  • Signable: Signable is a legally binding signature company that Zeevou has integrated with. If you intend to use Signable to automate the sending of Terms & Conditions for digital signing by guests and to help collect IDs, tick this box.
  • Extended Stays: to generate more revenue, Zeevou allows the hosts to define Nightly, Weekly, or Monthly rates for their direct bookings. If you wish to use this option, please checkmark the rates that you would like to activate. You can create the rates later when you list your property.
  • Customise Booking Process: when you click on Configure, a new window pops up. Here, you can select what information you want to ask your guests. We send guests one email upon booking to confirm their booking and fill out this form. By default, we ask for their first name, last name, and email address.
  • Please fill out the boxes about your Deposit Timeline, Signable account, Booking Configuration, and your Email Notification Configuration, and address which is your company’s address, not your properties’.
  • Invoice & Xero Configuration:  Generate Invoice For Cancelled Bookings and Auto-Generate Invoices are related to Xero. Enable Recurring Invoice: Tick this box to automatically generate multiple invoices for long bookings according to the details specified below. Generate Separate Invoices For Cloned Bookings: It generates separate invoices for the coming bookings.
  •   Bank Account Information: your bank account information can be shown on the footer of your invoices in case you want the guest to pay by bank transfer.
  •  Book Direct Prompt: your prompt will be shown in your invoices and emails again. You can use a sentence like Book Direct with Us and Save Up to 10%. You can also select the word Us and link it to your website URL using that small chain bottom (insert link). (provide a picture) so that when the guests like on Us, they will get redirected to your website.
  • You can easily go through the rest of the boxes and fill them up with your information. However, remember that the amenities you choose here are the ones that are applied to all your properties, not just one of them. So, they should be the most important ones.
  •  Please do not forget to click on Save bottom on the top right of the page once you are done.

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