How to customise your Website?

You can design your website based on the Marketing corresponding items. To do so, go to Marketing-> General Settings. There are five tabs to view and edit:

  • Theme and Design
  • Header
  • Footer
  • Site Management
  • Chat Via WhatsApp

Under Theme and Design tab, you can view and edit Fonts, Primary Colour, and Secondary  Colour in Fonts & Colours card. Keep in mind that select colours which align with your website’s mood and message, ensuring readable contrast and a harmonious palette.

In Brand Identity card, you may Add a Slogan and Upload your Logo and Favicon by clicking on their buttons. The Logo represents your Brand Identity across all website pages and the Favicon represents your Brand Identity across browser tabs.

General Settings, Theme and Design - Zeevou

In Header and Footer tab, you can add items to your Header and Footer. There are two ways to Add a Menu Item. By clicking on  Add a Menu Item, you can select Add Page or Add Custom URL. Via Add Page, you can add the pages that are already created in the system easily. By Add Custom URL, you can add either Zeevou Pages (that can be added via Add Page easier), or other pages.

Note that if any of them has already been there, you can edit them by clicking on the pencil.

Add a Menu Item - Zeevou

You can set and edit Website URL and Custom Domain in Domain Settings Under Site Management tab.

When you turn on toggle of Chat Via WhatsApp, a button will be displayed on the bottom right of the website pages, allowing Guests to easily contact you via WhatsApp. To do so, you can add number under Contact Details tab in Settings.

Chat via WhatsApp under contact details tab - Zeevou


You can click on + New Page to create a new page under Pages tab. When you click on  + New Page, a window appears in which you can insert the Heading and  Body and add Featured Image optionally. Finally, click on Create and Publish.

Create and Publish New Page - Zeevou

Note that you can click on three dots to Modify Settings of each created page.

Modify Setting - Zeevou

 You can also Search in Pages under Pages tab.


you can edit and view Posts, Categories and Tags under Blogs tab. For each of them, you can add a new one or modify existing ones. For example, you click on + New Blog Post to have a new post. If you click on three dots of each post, you can select to Modify Settings or Delete.

edit and view Posts, Categories and Tags under Blogs tab. - Zeevou

When you click on Modify Settings, you can view and edit Post Content, Blog Post Details and Website Settings including Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)(Google Preview, Keywords and other advanced settings), Social Media (Facebook and Twitter OG Tags), and Customisation Custom CSS.

Options that Modify Settings gives the user - Zeevou

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