2. c) Create a Listing

Log into app.zeevou.com and go to Listings. On the top right. click on the downward arrow of Add a Listing and select Create a Listing.

Note that If the Listing you are adding is a Complex (includes more than one type of Units), you can create the first Unit Type and then add the other Unit Types after the creation process, on the Listing page.

Then, you will be directed to a page to follow some steps:

Step 1: Location

Enter your Listing Address (City, Postcode, Country), Confirm Pin Location on the map and click on Next.

Step one: Add Location of your property - Zeevou

Step 2: Listing Info

Insert your basic information including Listing Type (Optional), Unit Type, Internal Name, Check-in/Check-out Method, and Unit Names and click on Next.

Step two: add your Listing Info - Zeevou

Step 3: Marketing Info

Insert the information including Marketing Headline and its Description (Optional) which will be shown in your Direct Booking website and click on Next.

Step three: add your Marketing Info - Zeevou

Step 4: Listing Images

Upload the images for your Listing and adjust the settings of each image as needed and click on Next.

Step four: add your Listing Images - Zeevou

Step 5: Listing Amenities

Add the amenities that are available in all Units of this Listing. Then, click on Next.

Step five: List your Amenities - Zeevou

Step 6: Pricing

Fill out the fields, including the Currency, Weekday Price, Weekend Price, Maximum Capacity per Unit, and Number of Guests Included in Price. You can also turn on optional toggles such as Minimum Stay, Maximum Stay, Security Deposit, and Cleaning Fee. Finally, you can click on either Finalise Activation or Save Draft and Activate Later.

Step six: Pricing - Zeevou

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