What automated emails get sent, and when?

Booking Confirmation

Upon booking, each guest gets sent a booking confirmation email asking them to confirm their details, provide an arrival time, and, if not already previously taken care of, pay, leave the details of which card Zeevou should pre-authorise the security deposit from, and sign your T&Cs and provide their ID. Signable sends out an email for the last step if the integration has been activated.

Booking Confirmed

Once the above steps are completed, an email goes out to the guest to provide them with a confirmation of their stay.

One Day Before Arrival

A day before arrival, the guests get sent an email reminding them of the property’s address/providing directions. They are also shown the arrival time they had previously provided and given a chance to amend this if necessary. If the system has not yet had a security deposit successfully pre-authorised for the booking, they will also be provided with a link to enter their card details securely.

Check-in Instructions

Check-in instructions get sent automatically if the guest has completed all the required booking confirmation steps. In terms of timing, the instructions get sent out if (and only if) an hour before their indicated arrival time, they open the email that they get sent to ask them to confirm their arrival, and confirm that they are on time. If you want to send check-in instructions to a guest manually, open the relevant booking, click on More Actions on the top right, Sent Email, and under Apply Template, select Check-in instructions.

Security Deposit Captured

If you capture a security deposit for a guest within Zeevou, they will get sent an automated email to let them know that you have charged their deposit, and it will inform them of the amount charged and the reason for the charged as logged by you when charging the deposit.

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