What are Payment Statuses?

There are various payment statuses shown on the Booking page under Overview / and Payments tab:

  1. Paid: When the payment is paid completely in Host Collect or Channel Collect Bookings.
  2. Partially Paid: When part of the payment is paid in Host Collect or Channel Collect Bookings.
  3. Unpaid: When the booking is not paid.
  4. Overpaid: When the payment amount is more than the Booking Total Price.
  5. Not Applicable: When Total Price is zero and you have a free booking.
  6. Credit: This status is for bookings, for which the channels are going to handle the payment. There are some situations for Credit. First, if you have not received VCC details from the Channel, Channel Collect is shown in the Payments section as Payment Type.
payment statuses - Zeevou

Second, when you receive the VCC cards, it will show Channel Collect (VCC) as Payment Type and the VCC will be charged according to the Activation Date.

payment type - Zeevou

Finally, after charging the VCC, the Payment Type will be changed from Channel Collect (VCC) to VCC and the Booking Payment Status from Credit to Paid.

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