How to collect Airbnb Security Deposits Off-platform?

If you want to automate the security deposit collection of Airbnb bookings via Zeevou, follow these steps:

Step 1: Log into and click on the gear icon and select Confirmation Process -> Security Deposit tab -> Security Deposit Collection Method card.

Step 2: Click on the toggle of Airbnb.

Step 3: A drawer opens in which you should select Date and Time. Finally, click on Save.

select Date and Time. Finally, click on Save - Zeevou

Note 1: This will be applied to Bookings created after the selected date.

Note 2: If you enable the toggle of Airbnb, the Security Deposit collection will be applied for the bookings which are created after the date you set in the opened drawer. When you disable the Airbnb toggle, the Security Deposit status gets Guaranteed by Channel under the Finance tab. In this situation, Zeevou will not track the Security Deposit and you need to check manually in the channel which the process will take place.

security deposit in finance section - Zeevou

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